About Twin Falls

If you've ever wanted to try the nudist lifestyle, we have the place for you. Most of our guests describe their Nude experience at Twin Falls in one word - "Freedom" and once you have walked naked as nature intended in a rainforest - you'll know why! Twin Falls has been the Aussie Naturist destination for nearly 20years.

Please note: Twin Falls is about a Naturist rainforest lifestyle - not sex & is not open to the general public (you cannot just "turn up" - bookings are essential).

Twin Falls is located about 65km inland from Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast in the state of new south wales, australia (about 5hours North of Sydney by road) and is deliberately a bit off the beaten track for the scenery and privacy (the access track is rough in places and there are a couple of hills) - it is peaceful, a bird lover's paradise and abounds in native Australian wildlife.

Mind you a visit to Twin Falls doesn't mean you have to rough it - we have clean, comfortable rooms available in our real environmentally friendly Hybrid Solar Powered home. All lights are energy saving LED or CFL and we have intelligent light and energy management systems.

Our home also collects the rainwater we drink and wash with and has many other eco friendly attributes (which as a guest you will be asked to observe!). Don't worry most of it is automated and unobtrusive in use...

twin falls is a nude retreat - it is not clothing optional unless it is cold
twin falls is a member of the conservation partners program
environmentally friendly nudism
free nude wifi
solar powered naturists
clean unpolluted water
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For guest accomodation there are two comfortable Bed and Breakfast rooms available with complimentary Continental breakfast, the rustic cabin which is fully self contained and you can also camp in whatever you bring (caravans must be towed with 4wd). Non-powered and Powered (additional fee) sites available from October to April.

If you are thinking of making a booking, please have reasonable expectations - that is, you are booking only accommodation - not the weather (or anything else) - just like textile places, we do not make refunds if you change your mind due to inclement weather, etc.
There is 3kms of dirt track (there are several hills and it is rough in places) to traverse & is generally not suitable for low vehicles...

twin falls - history

Twin Falls was prior to purchasing in 1997 - an ostrich farm! It was previously called Twin Falls Ostrich Farm (named after the 2 water falls on the place) and so after 2 years of getting rid of lots of invasive weeds and rubbish, and having received our DA/BA approvals around 1999, we borrowed the first part of the farm name and created Twin Falls Nature Retreat. That means in 2019 the retreat will be 20 years young! We decided that Twin Falls would be a nude retreat as you can be clothed mostly anywhere!

twin falls - the arm chair tour

Our retreat is about getting back to nature as much as possible and to ‘tread lightly’ on our environment, whilst we employ some ‘green’ methodologies, we are not ‘greenies’. We try to achieve a good balance between mans activities and nature. Our ideal is to preserve the rainforest and its all important surrounding bush for future generations to see and enjoy. We have many native animals and in particular birds that are somewhat rare and endangered, actually breeding here.

By staying here you can experience first hand the beauty of Nature. Of course there is no better way to enjoy Nature the way it was intended - nude!

That is why Twin Falls is a Nude Retreat - we are not clothing optional unless it is cold...

Walking naked through the rainforest is a lovely experience - if you use some imagination - it could be a thousand years ago! We hope you enjoy your stay - relax and be at one with Natures Wonderland.

jana on the falls walk cleo the red necked wallaby at our steps flooded gum tree at dusk ferns
elkhorn ferns in the rainforest waterfall nudist wedding morning mist at twin falls
rainforest tree with strangler fig eastern spinebill honeyeater top falls after rain sally creek reflection
cuckoo giant buttruss roots on a rainforest tree go walking naked in a rainforest is a beautiful experience you wont forget up close with mr possum
emerald dove echidnaeggs strangler vine
close up of mr birdielarge mothred necked wallaby joey go skinnydipping in our nude pool
elkhorn ferns in the rainforest nude beach skinnydipping in the top falls walking naked in a rainforest
nude fungus boobie tree at twin falls berries froggy
eagle magnificent tall trees at twin falls lots of birdlife beautiful colours on a moth
python lots of birdlife guests arrive from all over the planet at twin falls kingy

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