Twin Falls Rules and Indemnity Statement
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Twin Falls Rules

  • Twin Falls is a bush retreat, it is not a resort or hotel. As there is no rubbish collection at Twin Falls - please assist by removing your own rubbish - thanks.

  • Please do not litter - smokers must not deposit cigarette butts on the ground.

  • Day visitors - an admission fee is payable on entry. There is no 'just looking around' - thanks.

  • ALL FLORA and FAUNA are protected. Please leave everything as you found it! (Twin Falls is now under a Property Agreement with the Dept of Land and Water Conservation.)

  • Music, etc, must not be loud enough to be able to be heard by ANY other guests.

  • Please stay on the existing walking trails - no 'trailblazing' is allowed.

  • No pets are permitted.

  • Twin Falls is a real bush area - please pay respect to snakes that may possibly be present. DO NOT try to kill them, (this is when most people get bitten!) merely walk quickly away from them.

  • Beware of ticks, leeches and other biting insects that might be present.

  • BBQ's and fires can only be lit in the nominated areas. Absolutely no other fires permitted.

  • No vehicles are permitted past the 'day parking or camping' areas.

  • We take no responsibility for the weather - and there are no refunds under any circumstances.

  • If you have children with you please ensure their safety especially near creeks / falls and swimming pool. Please Do not allow children to wander off on their own - they are your responsibility!

  • Children are not permitted to swim or be near a creek without CONSTANT Adult supervision. If you leave the pool area so do your kids - even for a moment.

  • If you take anything into the area please ensure you bring it back out!

  • People who are behaving in an indecent or offensive manner will be asked to leave the property.

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